Amalfi Turtle - Musical Cuddle Cushion

$45.00 NZD

This little Turtle in Amalfi Blue has a Cotton Sherpa underside for extra soft cuddles. Pull my tail cord for a beautiful wind down lullaby, making me perfect for sleep & snuggles. Made from the finest quality of cotton yarns, and designed for your little ones to treasure.

Our Oeko-tex® Certified Cotton not only accounts for the fabric being free from harmful substances - but also for environmental protection, sustainability, and fair working conditions.

Can be used for any cuddly occasion and paired with the Amalfi Turtle Blanket or Jersey Cotton Wrap, a perfect gift for any new babe or expecting Mum.

Why use a comforter? They help provide sleep association, and comfort your babe when you are not there. They can also be helpful in times of sickness, the arrival of a new sibling, or when the child is away from home or in some else's care.

When can I introduce a comforter? Anywhere up to the age of 4, where the child may normally be experiencing separation anxiety. If the comforter is introduce before the age of 6 months it is recommended to attach the comforter with a safety-lock safety pin to their bedding or sleep sack, where the cuddly can't get up over their face. You can also pop the comforter against your skin for a few hours to put your 'Mummy' scent all over it! 

Designed in NZ | Made in India
Cool Hand Wash | 100% Cotton, Polyester Filler
Song | Brahms Lullaby

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