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As promised, here's a [large] article about the most recent renovation my 'hubby to be' and I have just completed! This was our 3rd renovation together, but the biggest to date. After 2 and a half years, we learnt about everything there is to renovating a home! We also learnt ALOT about each other, our limits, and the limits of our children. The story goes a little something like this...
We never actually intended to purchase this property. We kind of just, ended up with it! [Sweaty palms and all]. We viewed the house the night before the auction, and again the morning before the auction. Still not convinced we were going to purchase it when we turned up to the auction! But more or less, it was ours, the day after viewing. Here's a little snippet of the beast we took on...
After deciding we needed the rooms liveable prior to moving in, we asked the vendors if we could rent the house at a weekly rate to re-paint and re-carpet. My clever partner [NOT pictured below - that's my brother] managed to get all 3 bedrooms re-gibbed, re-painted, and re-carpeted in 3 weeks!
Unfortunately due to the vendors disgust, we may have taken it a little bit further than that... After driving past the property one wintery morning the vendor witness quite the scene going down to the front of her property. It involved a chainsaw, my Dad in his Ugg boots, and potentially some toppling tree's. Naturally, she wasn't too happy about this. A U-turn was pulled on Papamoa Beach Road, and a few feelings were exchanged.
On exiting the property she managed to get all of the aerials that were ripped from the roof [prior to the chainsaw incident - also by my father, in his Ugg boots] caught under the bonnet of her car. It was quite the thing having to watch the lads remove these so she could actually leave the property after the uproar.
So we moved the settlement to the following day. That cheered her up a bit.
Then the real process began! We did as much as we could to the property, before we had to call in a team of experts. We graced our lucky parents with our presence for 3 months on each side, while the works were completed.
So this would be our first Winter in our new home! But then we put it on the market. A little bit deranged, but all for good reasons I promise! Our lives have been tipped upside down the last few weeks as we put ourselves under contract for a new property that literally steps over the fence to the kids new school. It's lifestyle rural, it's quiet, it's free range... And it's hopefully going to be ours! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!
Anyhow - back to Papamoa, here is the finished project!
At the very least I hope it has given you some inspiration if you are currently going through an over haul, or shifting house, or in between and making those decisions... In the end you have to do what's best for your family, and go with your gut.
Erin x


Well done you guys, such an amazing job. Just about a complete rebuild

Jane McQuoid June 19, 2020

Impressive and love your styling…I would love there. Good luck with the next project – hopefully where you lay some roots for a while!

Rebecca Duffy April 07, 2020

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