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It's been a long time coming. After months of straining at the leash wrapped around my inability to launch until my product arrival, we are finally here! The launch of our very own online store.
I am psyched with complete dedication into bringing you a smooth and satisfying shopping experience, right here at Bengali. Head over and cast an eye on our about us page to read more about my story. Oh, and sign up to our newsletter below to receive a $10 credit towards your first order - you're welcome.
Kicking off our first blog I wanted to introduce to you one of my biggest inspirations - The Style Files. Danielle de Lange presented herself to us back in 2006, from where I have been an avid follower and wanted to share her eye for beauty with you.
Following are images from Danielle's flawless home, showing off modern lines and her love of natural materials. I hope this sparks a few flames in the bonnet. 
Bengali x
Living Room
Living Room
Bathroom Decor
Outdoor Area

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